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TPS at THR results and recap, 7/17/04

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Bill LaBarge wins close TPS Race at Thunder Hill Raceway


Kyle, Texas -- The Texas Pro Sedans touring series returned to Thunder Hill Raceway on Saturday night,

July 17th. It was their fourth TPS appearance of the 2004 season at the 3/8 mile THR track.


The Texas Pro Sedans 20 Lap Feature Race winner was five time TPS Champion Bill LaBarge

of Bryan, Texas. The Qualifying Heat Races were won by LaBarge and Donnie Moore of Hutto.

LaBarge drove his BMW. Moore was at the wheel of the George Merrell VW Scirocco.


The 20 lap Feature Race was highlighted by three Ford Mustangs following LaBarge’s BMW

closely for most of the race. Tony Johnson of Marion drafted LaBarge for the entire race and

was the race runner-up. Lalo Leal of Corpus Christi held down a tight third place for 15 laps

until an engine problem forced him to the pits. Bryce Dishman took third from Leal only to pit

on lap 18 due to an engine problem. Finishing on the lead lap was the TPS Point leader Donnie

Moore and in his best TPS finish yet, Ariel Arredondo of Corpus Christi in his Ford Probe.


With the win, Bill LaBarge reduced Donnie Moore’s TPS Championship Points lead to only an

18 point margin.


The San Antonio based Texas Pro Sedans touring series is conducting its 29th consecutive

year of four cylinder stock car racing in Texas and the southwest. The Thunder Hill Raceway

event was the 8th race of the 2004 TPS season.


The next Texas Pro Sedans race is scheduled for Saturday night, July 31 at C.C. Motor

Speedway in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Texas Pro Sedan results showing Finishing Position, Car Number, Name, Car Make, CC, Heat Pos, Laps Comp


1 27 Bill LaBarge, Bryan BMW, 2083 1 20

2 6 Tony Johnson, Marion Ford Mustang, 2338 2 20

3 70 Donnie Moore, Hutto VW Scirocco, 1710 1 20

4 66 r Ariel Arredondo, Corpus Christi Ford Probe, 2338 3 20

5 72 Candy Hogan, Cedar Park VW Sedan, 2275 4 19

6 54 Greg Wood, San Antonio VW Rabbit, 1648 4 19

7 18 r Lanny Young, Kingsland VW Karmen Ghia, 2275 5 19

8 48 Mike Knotts, Universal City VW Scirocco, 1648 5 19

9 1 r Bryce Dishman, Devine Ford Mustang, 2338 3 18

10 15 r Tom Johnson, Kingsland VW Rabbit ,1461 6 18

11 26 Lalo Leal, Corpus Christi Ford Mustang, 2338 2 15

12 34 r Shane Hill, Austin Ford Mustang, 2338 6 0

13 71k Kevin Hallman, Cibolo VW Scirocco, 1588 7 0

14 33 Jamie Garner, San Antonio 2001 VW Sedan, 1825 dns 0

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