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ROMCO car and driver NEEDED


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I need a ROMCO car and driver for an appearance at Texas Motor Speedway's Speedway Club for Wednesday evening July 14th (TOMORROW!!!) at 7:00 pm. The deal will be to offload in front of the Speedway Club and give a presentation and Q&A for 30 minutes to a group of 30 people. Dinner will be provided for you at the Speedway Club.


I had originally asked Team Texas to rent a "sheetmetal" car for this deal but they never responded to my call or email (In fairness, they take July "off"). I then made a deal with Robert Richardson (ROMCO 33) as he lives in McKinney and had won the previous race at TMS. Unfortunately, RR wrecked the 33 in Austin and it will not be available.


We had agreed on $400 for the deal and that will be available to YOU.


I am a non flake and the deal will be "cash changes hands before the trailer door opens.


Sorry for the short notice but it could not be avoided.


Jay Guthrie 214 502 3755 cell

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