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Here is a list from 1990 to 2003.This is for the top class only.

1990--Bruce Beddoe

1991--Greg Carlucci Sr.

1992--Larry Smith

1993--Larry Smith

1994--Larry Smith

1995--Greg Carlucci Sr.

1996--John H.Witzche

1998--Greg Carlucci Jr.

1999--Greg Carlucci Jr.

2000--Steven Doty

2001--Bill Stephens

2002--Greg Carlucci Jr.

2003--Greg Carlucci Jr.

The track was closed in 1997.I might can find out more later on about

the other years. Carol Yocum

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1982 Stocker-Greg Carlucci Sr.

1990 Modifieds (or Hobbies)- Greg Carlucci Sr.

1991 Modifieds -Greg Carlucci Sr.

1995 Super Sportmen-Greg Carlucci Jr. (not Sr.) Sorry dad


Sorry, don't know any others. I need to try to find some of the old programs from the 80's for some of the other winners. From the Speedway Park days. The days of the dirt bikes, mud drags, go-carts, and the BEER GARDEN!!!

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Who won the track Championship race last season in the Bomber class?? Not points Champ but the last race of the season. I can't believe I can't remeber that lol.

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Sorry I hit the wrong key. It was Greg Carlucci Jr. in 1995.Super Stock 1990 winner was Bruce Beddoe and the Modified Stock was Greg Carlucci Sr. Tina, last year championship race won by #1 John Hendricks.The Track Champion was #62 Wesley Black.Now for the past champions in the Texas Thunder they weren't called this in the begining. 1990--Ralph Horine , 1991---Frank "Pop"Carpenter, 1992--Scott Sullivan , 1993--Terry Bentley, 1994--David Horton , 1995--G B Carter, 1996--David Horton , 1998--David Horton, 1999--Lalo Leal 2000--Randy Lee, 2001 Michael Villarreal , 2002 Mark Villarreal, 2003--Earnie Holbrook. 2003 Rookie --#44 Rick Russell .I sure hope I have everything right this time. Carol Yocum

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