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Gary Balough


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Some veterans on this board will recognize this name.


Found this on another web-site....




This guy could drive anything on wheels, too bad he never learned from his previous mistakes.

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This is the thread I found it on.


Sounds like another dope-hauling charge.





I can remember the late 70's to early 80's running late-models against hin in the old All-Pro series, Snowball, and others. Balough and his crew flaunted their money and lifestyle in unbelievable ways. You'd have thought they would be low-key, but not them. A car owner I helped some, Alan Yates (Slick Yoemans) was friends with Balough, even bought a car from him right before he went to the Federal pen in Fort Worth in '87. The car Slick ran All-Pro in '87 with.


Think about this--From about '77 to '80 or '81, Balough and 4 others, including racer Billie Harvey, ran over $300 million a year in dope to a marina Harvey built in Del-Ray Beach, FL. They got caught, and when the powder settled, Balough got 18 months. A slap on the hand, basically.

I was stationed at Carswell AFB in FT Worth at the time, and Balough's "hard time" was mowing grass at the base and other similar places around Ft Worth. I saw him several times cruising along on his riding lawn-mower.

Not much of a sentence compared to the crime. Balough's crew chief during much of that time was someone you have all heard of-Robbie Loomis. Back then, Loomis had big time problems because of his association with Balough. Loomis has stated several times in public that he owes the Petty Family for everything he now has, as it was Richard and Lynda Petty who got him off that crap and cleaned up.


I still have a team hat around here somewhere Balough gave me, and they called themselves "Prime-time Ent."

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