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Media Guide?


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everybody wants more coverage for raceteams with a media guide but everybody always wants to start working on it after the season is over. Since the season is halfway over why not starting working on the 2k5 media guide for NOW!!! With creation of TTOPA. why not make one big guide, and show the power of all the tracks working together for the better of the sport.


Before some people say that it is to early to start on the media guide because it is to early to think about things for next your. Well, then your car and sponsors wont make it to the media guide.


With TTOPA and an increased amount of awareness given to marketing, now is the time for everyone to work together.

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Ironically, we at Thunder Hill (Brian, Jim, myself and Jon Sagester) are in the last stages of completing a Media Guide for Thunder Hill drivers. We are "dotting the i's and crossing the t's" and I hope to be able to deliver the first copies to the Austin media next week--when I invite them to attend the July 22nd presser at THR.


If I may, I'd like to commend Jon Sagester his awesome work towards the media guide! His photos and profiles are the just a small part of the guide that's been put together in a professional manner--Great work, Salty Sag! B)


Keep the good ideas coming.. :D

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