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Simpros pedals and wheel. Location is Kerrville, Tx. USA

(www.simpros.com)(click the link to see what I am talking about)


If you have been looking for a "high end" wheel and pedals, this is for you. This is a heavy duty piece of kit.


1.5 years old, heavily used, but in good shape.


Comes complete with 13.5 inch wheel, three pedals, sequential shifter, and racing seat. (only thing missing is the keyboard tray).


The tension of the wheel can be changed in a minute. Make it real stiff, or soften it up, however you like.


This is a very nice system, very comfortable. I never have any pain or discomfort when racing long events. Smooth wheel action.


Pedals have almost 6 inches of travel. Brake pedal has two sets of springs, so the tension on it gets progressively harder through the travel.


Race seat has cover.


Wheel does NOT use force feedback


$450.00 OBO plus shipping. Would cost over $900.00 new. I shipped it back to Simpros for upgrades and the shipping was about $80. And if you live in Texas, I should be able to deliver it to you, for no charge.


Breaks my heart, but I need the money.


I can't afford to race online anymore. My Dell PIII 500 is getting way to old to keep up, and won't have the money to upgrade or replace it for a long time. I need to ditch the DSL, again, for the money. No reason to keep the wheel if I am not going to race online.


E-mail, or PM me if you want more info. Or just post here. I will be more than happy to answer any questions.


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Hardest working race announcer in Texas! Have microphone, will travel.

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