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NOTE to all NASKART Drivers about Weighing after race or heat

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Trying to wear many hats in the NASKART Pro Racing Series is a tough job for anyone to do. And there will be tough times when hard decisions will have to be made. Whether its enforcing rules or being a tech inspector or getting everyone to a driver's meeting or even dealing with track officials. The job is not easy and well...it doesn't pay well either. But I do it for the love of the sport. But there are things that you the racers can do to help out with our series. Like making sure you make it driver's meetings as the track schedules, whether or not they announce it over a loud speaker and by letting everyone else know its time to go. Setting up scales if there not set up to weigh yourself before a race so you won't be DQ'ed. Keeping a level head if the scales are off and letting officials get them corrected to weigh properly and not just leaving with your kart. Every race in this series is my friend and I have helped out every racer in this series at one time or another...with guidance or parts or working on your kart and making sure we can all race on race day. All I ask is for some help from all of you at times to help out with some of the small things like I mentioned above....and others I have not. It kills me to DQ my friend(s) and even teammates on raceday after a race with a great result. BUT I WILL DO IT AS A SERIES OFFICIAL. Hopefully knowing that the next day that I am still just as good of friends with you as we were the day before. If I lend you parts so that you can make the race....and you beat me....thats a win for me too!! Makes me proud to know I helped you to a win or a top 3. But when you still have a rules infraction after I loaned you parts and you beat me and then I have to DQ you...thats a loss for me, because you put me in a spot where as an official...I have to DQ you. It hurts. I have a tough job being an official and a competitor in this series. And maybe...I might make a mistake once in a while. But I have always been fair in my decisions to all of you and even to myself. I can't wait til the day I can DQ myself in front of all of you to prove a point. But reality is...I helped make the original rules and I enforce the rules for parity within the series, and that is why I always follow the rules being an official. WE HAVE ALL WORKED HARD TO MAKE THIS SERIES WHAT IT IS TODAY!!!! AND WE ARE GOING TO GROW TOGETHER AS A FAMILY IN THIS SERIES...AND JUST WAIT TO SEE WHERE IT TAKES US!!! WE ARE GOING PLACES AND GAINING RESPECT EVERY RACE.....1 RACE AT A TIME!



Mike Steinman

NASKART Pro Racing Series

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