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Thr Class Results


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Hobby Stock


1. 83 David Hassinger

2. 37 Tommy Darrity

3. 4 Gary Chancellor


Street Stock


1. 3 Bobby LaFont

2. 73 Jim Teague

3. 4 Duayne Toyne


Late Model


1. Leland Waddel

2. Marc Currey

2. Todd McLemore


Like i said these are unofficial so please correct me if i'm wrong


--- Chris

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SS top 7:


1. LaFont

2. Teague

3. Toyne

4. Teer

5. Stapp

6. Banker

7. Buck


LM top 5:


1. Waddell

2. Currey

3. Gural

4. Stewart

5. McLemore


I could have 4 and 5 backwards in the LM race, but Gural definately had 3rd at the line. I'm not sure if tech inspections changed any of this.


McLemore took a few cars to the back with him again this race. Maybe somebody from the track should visit with him about his tactics??



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