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Top SS drivers in Texas


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I was curious as to see who among the three TTOPA tracks have the highest CPI in Texas. Basically CPI is what Nascar uses to decide who their regional and national champions are for their weekly tracks.


Here is info from their weekly racing series site.

Simply put, the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge competition index system rewards excellence in competition at your home track, while comparing your performance against drivers competing throughout your region and, ultimately, throughout the United States.


Between January and September, drivers earn and accumulate points at their home track based on how they finish each race. NASCAR then applies a formula known as the Competition Performance Index. (CPI).


Each week, using the CPI formula, the performance of the driver with the greatest number of points given at a race track (that track's points leader) is compared against the performance of the points leaders from the other nine tracks in his or her region. This creates a top-10 ranking of drivers for that region.


Every week the CPI is updated. When the season concludes, whoever is atop the regional top-10 ranking is crowned the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series regional champion. NASCAR divides the tracks of the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series into geographic regions, with the CPI formula used to establish 10 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series regional champions, one for each of the 8 designated regions in the United States.


The CPI formula is employed once more at season's end to compare the relative performances of the 8 regional champions. The driver atop this special ranking of the regional champions, in turn, is crowned the 2002 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series national champion.


This season a factor has been added to the CPI in a continuing effort to improve the formula. A competitor's top-five finishes will be averaged into formula.


This same CPI formula, with the exception of a 16-race minimum start, is used to determine the weekly regional index leaders and ultimately the 8 regional champions and national champion of the NWRS True Value ShorTrack Division. This "second tier" is for support divisions (Mini Stock, Hobby Stock, Street Stock, etc.), at each track, as selected by your track operator.


The CPI formula looks at five important parameters: How many races you win; how many times you finish in the top-five vs. the available starts at the competitor's home track; how many other drivers you compete against; how many races you participate in during the season.

Here is more information. http://www.nascardodgeweeklyseries.com/sun...tregion/cpi.asp


Good thing Microsoft Excel is so easy to use! lol Took a ton of time but here it is. Way to go Justin Oates!

Notice how the THR cars seem to be more saturated towards the top of the standings. That is because their car count is better than the rest. The CPI factors car count in too. Maybe TTOPA can put something like this together in the future when they make the next steps into unification amongst the 3 tracks.



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