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Thunder Hill TV commercial


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Hey gang..

The Thunder Hill Raceway TV commercial is out of production and coming to a TV set near you...


Here is the link to see it on your computer..I'd advise that you have QuickTime player, plus you probably will have trouble downloading it if you have straight dial-up connection on your computer (maybe Nick or Jason can help you in that area, I'm no computer whiz)..




See you at THR this Saturday! Good luck to all the other tracks and series running this weekend as well..

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Congratulations to you, Seabrook and W Media for an excellent ad. You did a good job of getting the excitement into the voiceover without going to the old "Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!" screaming; the positives were accentuated (fast, family); the negatives reduced (downplaying the crowd size); and there was a lot of action, both racing action and "rubbin'" action.

I wish Brian and Jim had been able to run something like this when the track first opened. I'm assuming you're running it on Time Warner Cable, as that's a good deal (low price, ability to run during stock car racing telecasts when you know the audience is "your" audience, and the fact that News8Austin sports has treated us better than anyone).

You think you could use the audio as a radio ad, or had you already thought about that? Seems as if all the elements are there for radio as well. Good job, all.

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Thanks much for kind words. I'm glad you like the ad, considering you have many years of experience in the media...


Yes, we're running the spot on Time Warner...I will post the TV "run" schedule as soon as I get it from Heather Watts at W-Media (she's supposed to get it by Monday morning)..


I'd like to re-iterate your comments and congratulate Seabrook Jones of SeabrookTV - who shot, scripted and produced the spot - and Heather, who worked with me for 3 months to get everything just right.


Let's hope the spot does its job and brings us some new fans... :D

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