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SportMod Roll Call!


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The season opener is quickly aproaching. who's all gonna come out?

12 Tator Mason

18 Bruce Beddoe

19 Benton Kemp

20 David Moore

23 Cody Limerick

27 Todd Huddler

33 Eddy Ross

72 Manny Trevino

79 Cody Beddoe

82 Anthony Monroe

87 Lawrence Mikulencak

?? Joey Heinaman-- Maybe

Anyone else wanna come play?

6 Hector Aguire?

88 Bobby Jack?

8 James Parks Jr?

25 Earnie Villegas?

17 Bruce Barber will be here next week.

32 Jermi Irvin-- Later in season

76 Michael Carlock--Later in season

Imagine what it would be like if we got all CCS & THR SportMods together.

Like a "North/South Asphalt SportMod Shootout"

01 Terry Tschoerner

1 Johnny Torres

5 David Umschied

10 Don Painter

11 Lyndon Kirk Jr

15 J.C. Pilcher

18 Anthony Gordon

25 Teresa Gural

28 Shawn Paul Lehman

44 Kaleb Kreis

48 Duane Toyne

51 WD Racing Entry

87 Kyle Thompson

92 Jason Stanley

That's 33 cars not including the dirt guys that would "cross over" for a big purse

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Someone needs to call Randy Young and personally invite him.He has a limited and would be an asset to CC Speedway.He just needs a little coaxing.He is also well known by all mod and s mod people.Without RGS he is a free agent now.CALL HIM<ALL YOU GUYS>His day number is 956-423 7052.


I am going to miss opening nite because I will be at a bike ride but Thumper will make it on our next schedualed race.Please save my number for me.

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