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1st Truck Race Experience and a Big Thank You


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First of all, the thank you goes out to Brent Thor.


I was without a spotter (the guy that was supposed to help bailed on me) and I was able to convince Brent to spot for me.


How did I convince him?

I asked him if he would mind spotting for me and he happily accepted.


And he did a great job, providing clear and concise input.



1st race impressions: it was a blast!


I ran out of time prior to the race to properly re-scale the truck and set/confirm the ride heights.


So here I am, coming out to the track in a truck that I had never driven on the track before. And to top it off, I missed the open practice and first truck hot laps session.


I was finally able to get on the track for the 2nd and final hot lap session prior to the heat race.


The truck feels pretty good in and through the middle, but a bit loose off. Have to work on the cross setting before the next race.


But back to the actual racing itself: great fun! And from my vantage point, everyone ran everyone else fairly clean. And what did we have, 2 cautions: 1 from a spin and 1 from a disabled truck? I’m not sure.


Looking forward to getting back out there on the 26th.


(And the truck still may not be wrapped. Just had a call from the company doing wraps and the guy had to go to the emergency room.)


C y'all!

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...and impressed that you ran so well right out of the box. Good luck this season


lol ...and that impressive run went right out the window in the next race. :rolleyes:


Oh well, I learned some things and it will be different next time. Just need the seat time (and some more good luck).


See y'all next HMP race

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