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With less than two weeks in till opening night I would like to remind all racers to arrive a bit early in order to allow plenty of time to run your car thought tech for basic safety inspection. Please be sure your belts are less then three years old, mounted properly and in good shape. Bring all driver safety gear with you including Snell 2000 sa rated helmet, gloves, driving suit and shoes. Fire proof head socks are required if your helmet is not sa rated.


Shady Oaks is ready to start our 3rd season and I will drive this ship all year for the first time since arriving here in Texas.


Pill draw will stop at 6pm with the drivers meeting to start at 6:05 sharp that leaves roughly 45 min to pack the track and run hot laps. ALL LATE ARRIVALS WILL TAG THE FIELD. We will start racing go-kart promptly at 7pm followed by all heats, a much shorter half time, and features that I hope to finish by 10 pm. This will make a much better show for our spectators and racers alike.

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