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CONGRATULATIONS to Marty Kreis on his 1st NASKART win!

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I just want to congratulate Marty on his 1st ever win in the NASKART Pro Racing Series!!!! It's been a long time coming and finally after 5 long years in the series he has got that WIN Monkey off his back!!!! Way to go Marty!!! Was awesome battling with you on the track in the first race of the season.


Race report to follow later.


Mike Steinman

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Good driving Marty.


I wached the race from the stands and was inpressed with the way you held the bottom grove. You brought it all together, set up, power, reliability and exclent driving.


If I were you, I wouldn't mess with that motor. Bill built you a strong one and it should be good to go most of the season.




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