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Follow up on stolen roadster


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This is the vehicle that was stolen from The Rim in northern San Antonio in the latter half of 2010.


Please contact Tommy Price (phone number at bottom of flyer) if you recognize the entire vehicle, or, parts from the vehicle. It is distinctly possible the vehicle is still in the San Antonio area.



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Got this from Bruce Mabrito:




Tommy Price had his Ford truck and enclosed trailer stolen last October 2010 at the Rim in San Antonio. Both were eventually recovered, but in a damaged condition. There was a very special hot rod inside the enclosed trailer (see poster above).


I am sending this out to my “gear-head” and motorsports friends to ask if they have heard or seen this special vehicle. Please note that the drive train was not the normal Chevy or Ford mills, but something quite different. Please contact Tommy Price at the telephone numbers shown on the “wanted poster.”


Thanks for being aware and forwarding this to your savvy friends.



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the pictures do not do it justice. i saw this car at that bourne show , actually i walked around it and studied it for a good 20 minutes. very sad deal. hope they get it back in the condition i remember it.....flawless.

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