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this is it...


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ok...who do y'all think will win it? this isn't for anything other than fun and curiosity. who do u think will take the checkers today, and why? keep it fun and clean, please...i'm not after a huge debate about why someone WON'T do well, or shouldn't win...or why (or why not) this race will be good or not. just simply want a name and ur personal opinion about that driver/team, please...let's have some fun with it before the green flag falls! :rolleyes:


i'll start...i'm going with kurt busch. (oh, how i'd love to pick kyle! :wub: but, he hasn't shown to be doing so well thusfar...) and, my reason: kurt has just blown it away since the shootout...


still tho: GO KYLE GOOOOO! (i know, kathy.. :lol: )

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Went to Vegas a couple weeks ago. Placed my bets on the Daytona 500 winner.

Biffle, my $5 to win $150

Kahne, my $5 to win $150

Newman, my $5 to win $100

Vickers, my $5 to win $175


At the time of my bets, Harvick was the favored winner, only paying 6 to 1 odds.

Kurt Busch was listed at 15 to 1.

I should have put $5 on Regan Smith, paying $500 (100 to 1 odds).

And Tevor Bayne wasn't even listed on the betting sheets!

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