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Thank you Ladies


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I wanted to take a little time and thank Thunderhill Raceway, it’s staff and all the people who thought I deserved such a wonderful AWARD. THANK YOU!


However, the speech I gave Saturday did not really speak about what goes on behind the scenes. As racers and crew members everyone knows how many sacrifices it takes to do what we all love to do. These sacrafices are made not only by the drivers and crew but by the wives, girlfriends and significant others that support us and are rarely mentioned. I want to take this time to mention them now. If not for them, it would be even harder to accomplish our goals. I would like to first thank my beautiful wife Lisha and my daughter Raven for putting up with me being gone night after night working non stop to get these cars ready. I would also like to thank the following ladies who are part of Team Teague Racing and never stop doing for the gentlemen of our crew, Lori Fitch, Susan Buhrman, Patti Farr, Amber Bryant and Angie Bryant. These ladies go above and beyond and I am positive there are many more of them out there so when you stop to think about all that you do, think about the one who supports you. Cause without them it would be harder for you to do it.


Thank you Ladies.


Jim Teague

Super Stock #73

Team Teague Racing

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