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Go Karting Today!


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Just wanted to give a shout out to the racers who joined Ozzy Osburn and myself to celebrate us getting yet another year older by getting to be kids for the day!


Go-Karting was awesome!


TX Tom showed us all up by tearing up the track! I want that man teched! Nobody should be that fast in a go-kart at a family fun center! The guy had to be illegal!!!! hahahahaha


Jeff Meeks and Ozzy made for some great side by side action! The Wright Brothers, Jake and Chris, showed us some skills running out front. I had a frickin' blast riding shotgun with Gavin Boyett. That boy can drive the wheels off anything!


And big huge thanks to THR's Debbie Williams for hanging out with us and providing us with a great lunch!


It was really a fun filled day and thanks to all who came out to play with us!


- Tory C

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Had a great time out there with the guys; Lil Michael had a fun time, although he wishes he was a couple inches taller so he can drive himself.

Thanks again for the invite, and thanks Debbie for coming outand springing for lunch.

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