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I talked to Ken today and discussed the potential of having the "Featured Driver" again this season. He likes it and I have volunteered to coordinate this each week for him as he does have a large job each week with running the race program.


If you've seen this in the past seasons, it is an absolutely awesome way to put a driver and his/her car up front and center in the general admission area to mingle with the fans, hand out stuff and simply connect with the crowd. If done well, it can also be an excellent marketing tool for the given race team and a way for that team to show off their sponsors and it is possible to attract new interested sponsors based on how well they present their team. I know for a fact first hand this can be a tool to attract a sponsor as it worked for us..


More news to come as the season cranks up. See me at a playday or early in the season if you are interested in getting on the list this season!



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I've been contacted by three of the 2011 drivers so far (all three are fender car drivers). This will be on a first come basis and when the dates are filled up, they are gone. We will not be doing this on the season opener though as that would be too chaotic. Will be doing from 2nd night foward.... Hoping to hear from some of the non-fender car drivers also (truck, limited, mod, dwarf)....


The featured driver will need to plan to provide anything they want to give away such as candy, autographed pictures, hero cards, caps, koozies, and whatever else. the track will provide the stage... You provide the give-aways...



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Add the 11 street stock and im sure the 77 also on the list.


Got it. Have Chris let me know for sure when you talk to him...

While the dates are not specific yet (we will not do opening night), the following drivers have indicated so far they want to be a Featured Driver this year:


Chase Sanchez - Street Stock

Joseph Snow and Brad Wright together - Classic Dwarf Cars

Brian King - Street Stock

Lauren Chamberlain - Street Stock

GW Hessong - Limited Mod

Aaron Ivory - Limited Mod

Bo Beckner - Limited Mod

Shawn Kline - Street Stock


I will get with each of the drivers for their date, and will be discussing a couple of ideas with Ken to add a twist to this..

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