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Douglas Wheels and MAXXIS Tires For 2011

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Douglas Wheels and Maxxis Tires have come on to sponsor the series with tires and wheels at cost.


For 2011 we will have a spec tire from Maxxis. We would like everyone in the series have a count of tires that they are starting the season with by Jan 29 at the meeting. Gary Smith will be the one ordering and taking the money. Money needs to be paided for the first order by Feb. 4th.


The prices for tires as Follows:

4.5- 33.25 ea

7.1- 39.25 ea

A full set is 145.00 dollars



The prices for Douglas Rims (This is for anyone that needs them) We are not required to run them at this time. Gary will be keeping a few at the shop in case of emergency.



Fronts with Bearings: 45.00 for Pair

Rears: 50.00 for Pair


Mag: Black with Beadlocks

Fronts with bearings: 62.50 for Pair

Rear: 72.00 for pair



If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me at 713-876-9365 and look forward to racing with you all this year.



Matt McDade


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Thanks to MAXXIS & DOUGLAS Wheels for sponsoring the NASKARTS Pro Racing Series!!! This will help all the racers in the series with the costs of racing! This year the MAXXIS HG3 are the ONLY legal tire in the series as well. So it would be good for all of us to get tires early to test on and be ready for the season. These tires last well and won races last year as well.


Matt, thanks for your help in securing these 2 great companies as sponsors for the series and for getting everything setup!!! Great Job!



Mike Steinman

NASKARTS Pro Racing Series


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