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Texas Pro Sedan Winners

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Texas Pro Sedan Winners - Last Ten Years


To provide a correct statistical reference, the following Texas Pro Sedans race records, provide

exact documentation of the last ten years of TPS races and more than 100 races.


The years are shown from 2010 back to 2001.


Statistics prepared by:

Neil Upchurch

Retired Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans


BOX SCORE – BY CAR MAKES IN LAST 111 TPS RACES: April 14, 2001 thru September 25, 2010


VW Scirocco - 34 feature race wins

FORD - 22 feature race wins - without restrictor plate (w/o rp)

FORD – 15 feature race wins – with restrictor plate (w/rp)

VW Rabbit - 13 feature race wins

BMW - 12 feature race wins

TOYOTA - 2 feature race wins

HONDA – 2 feature race wins




Date ……………....Track Record - Driver - Type Car/CC - Record Time

August 7, 2010…CC Speedway - Mike Merrell - VW Scirocco/1690/fwd - 14.847 sec

March 27, 2010…Thunderhill Raceway - Tom Johnson - Ford Mustang/2340-arca/rwd - 16.374 sec

Sept 5, 2008......Red River Speedway - Tom Johnson - Ford Mustang/2340-arca-rwd - 14.880 sec

March 3, 2007 … San Antonio Speedway - Ja Lane - Ford Focus/2210-rwd - 21.480 sec

June 21, 2003 …. Houston Motor Speedway - Randy Lee - Ford Mustang/2338/svo-rwd - 16.017 sec (w/rp)


Legends: rwd = rear wheel drive - fwd = rear wheel drive -

w/rp = with restrictor plate … wo/rp = without restrictor plate


Race Date/Track/Race Winner/Hometown/Car/cc/Margin/car count:


2010 (7 races): 2010 Champion – Mike Merrell - #70, VW Scirocco

March 27/Thunderhill Raceway/Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca/one lap/21 cars

April 10/Corpus Christi Speedway/Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX/VW Scirocco/2042/6.31 sec/20 cars

April 24/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/2.80 sec/19 cars

June 19/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/1.02 sec/23 cars

July 10/Corpus Christi Speedway/Rained out – no rain date was available from CCS

July 31/Thunderhill Raceway/Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca/3.29 sec/18 cars

August 7/Corpus Christi Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan, TX/BMW/2313/4.23 sec/17 cars

September 25/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/10.84 sec/16 cars


2009 (10 races): 2009 Champion – Mike Merrell - #70, VW Scirocco

April 11/Thunderhill Raceway/Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca/1.50 sec/15 cars

April 25/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/0.40 sec/19 cars

May 9/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/5.00 sec/14 cars

May 23/Red River Speedway/Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca/margin not avail/17 cars

May 24/Red River Speedway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/5.49 sec/16 cars

July 11/Corpus Christi Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan, TX/BMW/2313/1.00 sec/21 cars

July 25/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/1.00 sec/15 cars

August 8/Thunderhill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/0.89 sec/14 cars

September 5/Red River Speedway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/02.93 sec/15 cars

October 10/Thunderhill Raceway/Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca/10.21 sec/22 cars


2008 (11 races): 2008 Champion – Sergio Hexsel - #20, VW Rabbit

March 29/Red River Speedway/Josh Cournoyer/Wichita Falls, TX/Ford Pinto/2338/.016 sec/19 cars

April 12/Thunder Hill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/n/a sec/18 cars

April 26/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan, TX/BMW/2313/0.50 sec/17 cars

May 10/Thunder Hill Raceway/Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca 2.90 sec/15 cars

May 31/Thunder Hill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690 /1.50 sec/15 cars

June 14/Red River Speedway/Josh Cournoyer/Wichita Falls, TX/Ford Pinto/2338/1.79 sec/13 cars

June 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX/VW Scirocco/1690/2:00 sec 16 cars

July 26/Thunder Hill Raceway/Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX, Ford Cobra/2338/3:00 sec 17 cars

August 30/Thunder Hill Raceway/ Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX/Ford Mustang/2340-arca 0.50 sec/18 cars

September 27/Thunder Hill Raceway/ Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak/VW Rabbit/2042/0.50 sec/19 cars

October 18/Red River Speedway/ Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak/VW Rabbit/2042/0.975 sec/16 cars


2007 (8 races): 2007 Champion - Sergio Hexsel - #20, VW Rabbit

March 3/San Antonio Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2085/0.21 sec/20 cars

April 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak/VW Rabbit/1984/4.01 sec/18 cars

June 9/Thunder Hill Raceway/Ja Lane/Houston/Ford Focus/2010/1.00 sec/15 cars

July 14/Thunder Hill Raceway/Ja Lane/Houston /Ford Focus/2010/1.00 sec/19 cars

August 11/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak/VW Rabbit/1984/1.00 sec/11 cars

August 18/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak/VW Rabbit/1984/0.20 sec/13 cars

September 15/Thunder Hill Raceway/Ja Lane/Houston/Ford Focus/2010/0.85 sec/13 cars

September 29/Thunder Hill Raceway/Ja Lane/Houston/Ford Focus/2010/1.75 sec/17 cars


2006 (12 races): 2006 Champion - Donnie Moore - #70, VW Scirocco

March 11/USRA @ San Antonio Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/0.68 sec/19 cars

April 15/San Antonio Speedway (Twin)/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/7.35 sec/23 cars

April 15/San Antonio Speedway (Twin)/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VWScirocco/1690/10.6/sec/23 cars

April 29/Thunder Hill Raceway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/1.41 sec 18 cars

May 27/Thunder Hill Raceway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/3.51 sec 14 cars

July 15/San Antonio Speedway (Twin)/ Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/1.46 sec/19 cars

July 15/San Antonio Speedway (Twin)Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/1.41 sec 19 cars

July 22/Thunder Hill Raceway/ Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/1984/1.50 sec/16 cars

August 19/USRA @ San Antonio Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/2.10 sec/16 cars

Sept 2/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/Hutto/VW Rabbit/1984/1.39 sec/19 cars

October 7/San Antonio Speedway/ Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1690/3.80 sec/25 cars

October 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/ Sergio Hexsel/Hutto/VW Rabbit/1984/1.01 sec/21 cars


2005 (11 races): 2005 Champion - Sergio Hexsel - #20, VW Rabbit

April 9/C.C. Motor Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/3.00 sec/23 cars

May 7/Thunder Hill Raceway/Jack Dishman/Devine/Ford Mustang/2338svo/0.75 sec//21 cars (w/rp)

May 14/San Antonio Speedway/Jesse Sandoval/Corpus Christi/Ford Pinto/2338/arca/ 0.08 sec/16 cars (w/rp)

May 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/2042/3.00 sec/22 cars

June 18/Thunder Hill Raceway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/3.00 sec/20 cars

July 9/C.C. Motor Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/1.50 sec/17 cars

July 30/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2085/9.00 sec/14 cars

August 20/San Antonio Speedway/Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/20420.38 sec/15 cars

August 27/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/2042/1.00 sec/14 cars

Sept 10/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/2042/0.30 sec/11 cars

Oct 22/Thunder Hill Raceway/Lloyd Hart/San Antonio/HondaCRX/1834-4 valve/0.50 sec/19 cars


2004 (12 races): 2004 Champion - Bill LaBarge - #27, BMW

April 17/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/0.50 sec/17

May 8/Thunder Hill Raceway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/1.75 sec/17

May 29/C.C. Motor Speedway/Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/0.75 sec/17 (w/o rp)

June 5/San Antonio Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/1.06 sec/16

June 19/Thunder Hill Raceway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/3.76 sec/16

Jul 10/San Antonio Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/0.78 sec/13 cars

July 17/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/0.79 sec/14 cars

July 31/C.C. Motor Speedway/Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/6.60 sec/16 cars (w/rp)

August 7/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/1.99 sec/15 cars

Sept 11/C.C. Motor Speedway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1710/0.0 sec/18 cars

Sept/25/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bryce Dishman/Devine/Ford Mustang/2338/0.11 sec/18 cars (w/rp)

Oct/16/San Antonio Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/0.60 sec/24 cars


2003 (12 races) - 2003 Champion - Bill LaBarge - #27, BMW

April 5/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/0.09 sec/12 cars (w/rp)

April 26/San Antonio Speedway/Jack Dishman/Devine/Ford Mustang/2338/0.68 sec/17 cars (w/rp)

May 3/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/2.0 sec/12 cars

May 17/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/ Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/2.0 sec/11 cars (w/rp)

May 31/San Antonio Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/1.04 sec/12

June 21/Houston Motor Speedway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/0.4 sec/14 cars (w/rp)

July 12/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/BMW/2083/1.50 sec/16 cars

July 19/San Antonio Speedway/Jack Dishman/Devine/Ford Mustang/2338/1.70 sec/11 cars (w/rp)

August 2/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/ Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/3.90 sec/15 cars (w/rp)

August 23/Thunder Hill Raceway/Jack Dishman/Devine/Ford Mustang/2338/0.44 sec/13 cars (w/rp)

Sept 6/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/3.00 sec/18 cars (w/rp)

Oct 18/San Antonio Speedway/Jack Dishman/Devine/Ford Mustang/2338/0.22 sec/22 cars (w/rp)


2002 (14 races): 2002 Champion - Randy Lee - #30, Ford Mustang

March 30/Thunder Hill Raceway/Leroy Farmer/San Antonio/Ford Mustang/2338/2.0 sec/18 cars (w/o rp)

April 13/San Antonio Speedway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/0.5 sec/17 cars (w/o rp)

May 11/San Antonio Speedway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/1.2 sec/19 cars (w/o rp)

May 25/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/ Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/3.0 sec/14 cars (w/o rp)

June 8/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/1.5 sec/15 cars (w/o rp)

June 15/San Antonio Speedway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/0.5 sec/21 cars (w/o rp)

July 13/San Antonio Speedway/Leroy Farmer/San Antonio/Ford Mustang/2238/0.5 sec/19 cars (w/o rp)

July 27/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/0.3 sec/17 cars (w/o rp)

August 3/San Antonio Speedway/Randy Lee/ Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/1.19 sec/16 cars (w/o rp)

August 17/San Antonio Speedway/Leroy Farmer/ San Antonio/Ford Mustang/2338/1.23 sec/18 cars (w/o rp)

August 24/Thunder Hill Raceway/Leroy Farmer/San Antonio/Ford Mustang/2338/8.0sec/13 cars (w/o rp)

Sept 14/Thunder Hill Raceway/Donnie Moore/Hutto/VW Scirocco/1873/0.4 sec/18 cars

Oct 12/San Antonio Speedway/Steve Foster/Adkins/Ford Mustang/2338 (w/o rp)/margin not available/24 cars

Nov 23/Thunder Hill Raceway/Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio/VW Scirocco/1984/1.10 sec/19 cars


2001 (12 races): 2001 Champion - Bucky Hutchison - #47, VW Scirocco

April 14/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/1645/3.0 sec/19 cars

April 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchinson/Austin/VW Scirocco/1628/1.6 sec/20 cars

May 12/San Antonio Speedway/Stephen Edmondson/Joshua/Toyota Corrola/1960/2.8 sec/15 cars

May 26/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchinson/Austin/VW Scirocco/1628/3.0 sec/17 cars

June 9/San Antonio Speedway/Bucky Hutchinson/Austin/VW Scirocco/1628/.68 sec/20 cars

June 16/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchinson/Austin/VW Scirocco/1628/2.7sec/17 cars

July 7/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchinson/Austin/VW Scirocco/1870/.75 sec/15 cars

July 21/San Antonio Speedway/Leroy Farmer/San Antonio/Ford Mustang/2338/8.0 sec/21 cars (w/o rp)

July 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/Mike Knotts/Universal City/VW Scirocco/1860/2.0 sec/16 cars

Aug 18/Thunder Hill Raceway/Stephen Edmondson/Joshua/Toyota Corrola/1960/.50 sec/17 cars

Sept 15/Thunder Hill Raceway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/2.0 sec/18 cars (w/o rp)

Oct 13/San Antonio Speedway/Randy Lee/Corpus Christi/Ford Mustang/2338/2.5 sec/23 cars (w/o rp)


The following three years were added at the suggestion of Bill LaBarge


2000 (13 races): 2000 Champion - Bucky Hutchison - #47, VW Scirocco

March 25/Thunder Hill Raceway/Kevin Gallagher/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/6.0 sec/18 cars

March 31/Longhorn Speedway/Kevin Gallagher//San Antonio/VW Rabbit/0.50 sec/9 cars

April 21/Longhorn Speedway/Kevin Gallagher//San Antonio/VW Rabbit/margin not available/16 cars

May 13/Thunder Hill Raceway/Mike Knotts/VW Scirocco/1.00 sec/21 cars

May 26/ Longhorn Speedway/Bucky Hutchison/VW Scirocco/4.00 sec/15 cars

June 9/Longhorn Speedway … Race rained out (track closed June 21, 2000)

June 17/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchison/Austin/VW Scirocco/3.00 sec/19 cars

July 1/Thunder Hill Raceway/Kevin Gallagher//San Antonio/VW Rabbit/1.50 sec/14 cars

July 15/ Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchison/Austin//VW Scirocco/5.00 sec/14 cars

September 2/ Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchison Austin//VW Scirocco/4.50 sec/17 cars

August 19/ Thunder Hill Raceway/Bucky Hutchison Austin//VW Scirocco/2.50 sec/17 cars


1999 (11 races): 1999 Champion - Bucky Hutchison - #47, VW Scirocco

April 17/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/0.50 sec/14 cars

May 1/Houston Speedway/Bucky Hutchison Austin//VW Scirocco/0.60 sec/19 cars

May 15/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/6.05 sec/16 cars

May 22/Houston Speedway/Bucky Hutchison Austin//VW Scirocco/0.20 sec/15 cars

June 19/Thunder Hill Raceway/Kevin Gallagher/San Antonio/VW Rabbit/0.50 sec/18 cars

July 10/Houston Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/2.50 sec/15 cars

July 24/Thunder Hill Raceway/Andy Tindell/Waco/Ford Pinto/0.50 sec/17 cars

August 13/Longhorn Speedway/Bucky Hutchison/Austin/VW Scirocco/6.00 sec/14 cars

August 28/Thunder Hill Raceway/Terry Bentley/Corpus Christi/VW Rabbit/0.40 sec/15 cars

September 10/ Longhorn Speedway/Bucky Hutchison/Austin/VW Scirocco/6.00 sec/16 cars

October 9/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/8.00 sec/25 cars


1998 (12 races): 1998 Champion - Bill LaBarge - #27, Honda CRX

March 21/Longhorn Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/1.20 sec/12 cars

April 18/Longhorn Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/0.20 sec/12 cars

May 2/Houston Speedway/Bucky Hutchison Austin/VW Scirocco/0.10 sec/15 cars

May 22/Longhorn Speedway/Joe Whitehead Austin/ VW Scirocco/14.00 sec/10 cars

June 6/Thunder Hill Raceway/Joe Whitehead Austin/ VW Scirocco/0.1.0 sec/17 cars

June 27/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/4.00 sec/10 cars

July 11/Houston Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/4.00 sec/13 cars

July 25/Thunder Hill Raceway/Joe Whitehead Austin/ VW Scirocco/2.00 sec/15 cars

August 8/Houston Speedway/G.B. Carter Harlingen/ VW Scirocco/3.80 sec/11 cars

August 29/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/2.00 sec/20 cars

September 5/Houston Speedway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/4.30 sec/13 cars

October 3/Thunder Hill Raceway/Bill LaBarge/Bryan/Honda CRX/0.30 sec/18 cars

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Bill: Regarding your posted question, “Are you planning on going back any farther ??? … Thanks Bill and Cecilia”.


TPS Records from 2000 and back were not kept by computer. They are paper records, complete and accurate.

I will attempt to type up three years (2000, 1999 and 1998) and post them when completed.


Thank you and Cecilia for reading and appreciating the records work I did and posted for the recent past 10 years.


Neil Upchurch

Founder and Former Driver, Race & Administrative Director, Texas Pro Sedans

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