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Houston Late Models


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Dose anyone know what the track record is for the Houston Late Model Class.

Not the TSRS late models, but the Houston late model class.

I was told that that the Houston late Model class turned laps 1 second faster than a TSRS class car at Houston..

I did not remember them being faster than A TSRS car.


Victory Lane

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At SAS, the Houston Late Models will run 100# heavier than normal, at 2900.


At SAS, the TSRS car that wants to use their normal 8" tires, will get a 100# weight break from their normal weight.



A weight difference of 200# is being specified at the SAS Texas Challenge race to make these 2 types of cars equal to each other.



The TSRS car also has the option to bolt on 10" tires, but will not get the 100# weight break.

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why would'nt they get a weight break-

if you took a100#'s off of them they're 3000 w/ 10" hoosiers

h.l.m. is 2900 with the same tire...

i don't know the complete rules for the houston l.m.-(heads,crank,intake) a tsrs car has already got one arm tied behind it's back by these standards if they don't get a weight break & 10" tire....

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I thought I read some where that the Crate motor For the Houston late models is a 400 horse power motor.

I think it is state that way on the San antonio web site with the rules for this race.


I think HLM cars have a shorter wheel base 101, and

TSRS runs 108 .

If they get 58% left side weight to 55% for TSRS, and the HLM only has to weigh 2900lbs to the 3000lbs TSRS.

I do not think that Tsrs cars running 10 inch tires is going to make up the difference that the HLM will have with the Romco type chassis on the San antonio Track.

like I have said before, It will be interesting to see how the different late models do in the same race.

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