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CCMS thoughts from Mary Ann Naumann

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Great hospitality by Owen, his wife and the entire Staff of CCMS & the race fans they love racing in CC! Loved seeing Carol up there having a great time, she is something else! Thanks t all the staff that kicked in with staff being a little short with some having other family responsibilities! We had 17 cars join us with having two races back to back! Outstanding job, we have the BEST group of drivers in the world, such a great team of fine racers, crews & families, not to forget the incredible staff & Officials & the tracks, I cannot say enough! We have a good break here for everyone to get their cars back in racing order and most likely their expenses, I know we the series needs a little breather!


Great job Jeff Pollard, Lloyd, outstanding job and Brad, we are so not even, poring ice water on my hair on at the Trophy presentation on the front stretch! LOL.


Then, when we went to the Tech/Offfice trailer @ the Hotel, JP & Mike Yale, had this bright yellow hat, with all kinds of funny stuff was written on it, crazy stuff for B&T Racin Parts (want to know the rest? Just email me, it was too funny!) they had attached it to the hitch, thought that was funny, then we were backing in the trailer at home today, there was on the back of the trailer the # 00 (such nice decals) nicely decaled to the trailer, too funny! You guys are all my heroes and I am so proud to have each and every one of you on this incredible TSRS team! Have a wonderful week and thank all of you that could make it to CC, it was great! See you on July 17th back @ HMSP!



Mary Ann

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