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looking for race cars....


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The Boy Scouts of America is celebrating 100 years of Scouting on Dec. 11th. They will be having a massive celebration at Del Mar West Campus (Corpus Christi). It is for all of South Texas. There will be 1000's of people in attendance. I have been asked by the District Executive to line up some race cars. I know this is still a ways out, but they want to know how big of a space to assign for race cars. There will be several businesses and of course news crews. They will have a military fly by, parachuters, radio stations, etc... This is a big sponsorship opportunity. All cars are welcome and bring LOTS of pictures and candy. If the track would like to have flyers pm me and I will gladly pass them out. Please let me know if you are seriously interested. Set up will start as early as 8am. The actual event doesn't start until noon so you may want to come between 10-11am. The "expo" will run until 5, but the event ends at 7pm. They will be having speakers at 5. I will find out if we can leave at 5 or if we will be stuck until 7pm. Thanks! Robin-939-9002

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