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New midget and driver coming

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I just bought my son a Quarter Midget today and i need some info about the LSQMA dates and info. He is 9 years old and has much experience from racing at HCKC and always finished top 3 and a few wins and this was his first year! HCKC pissed us off and we sold out all his karts but not his safety gear. We bought a very good top notch Bullrider midget. I would like for him to go to the track soon and practice and see whats its all about from sprint course racing. He knows the do's and dont's around the track and flags and what not. So if someone knows if we could go out there as soon as next week or this weekend for a little test and tune that would be awsome. He's a small little guy so he prefers not to play sports cause he would get run over! LOL. He's very cautious, clean friendly racer. If anyone could help on set-up, tool info or things like that, p.m. me. Thanks.

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