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TSRS at HMP results, 5/29/04

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Results of the TSRS 125-lap event at Houston Motorsports Park on 5/29/04



1 50 Mike Yale Houston 125 1000

2 5 Lloyd Alexander San Antonio 125 700

3 0 Beau Bukowski San Antonio 125 500

4 11 Brian Schild Waller 125 300

5 80 Allen Alexander San Antonio 125 200

6 29 Don Fowler Rockwall 125 150

7 13 Ian Webster Houston 125 125

8 10 Alvin Stewart Del Valle 125 100

9 48 Pat Lyon Converse 121 100

10 55 Henry Guerra San Antonio 121 100

11 53 Ryan Engelhardt Lake Travis 100 100

12 22 Robert Stewart Austin 93 100

13 7 Chris Schild Austin 92 100

14 6 David White Hedwig 90 100

15 17 Jeff Pollard Houston 69 100

16 43 Jamie Fuller San Antonio 68 100

17 44 Hal Collins Ft. Worth 62 100

18 34 Ricky Gavin Liberty Hill 60 100

19 44 Damon Bean LaVernia 57 100

20 4 Brad Hudak Kingwood 46 100

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MAN has a good thing going with the TSRS series. I hope the TSRS maintains that momentum and continues to grow.


I noticed that only 20 cars were able to compete in Houston during the Memorial holiday weekend. Hopefully, the car count will return to previous levels. We'll see how it goes next week in Corpus.


In my opinion, TSRS is doing most everything right. However, I hope that they can work towards improving the purse for the top 20 finishers. The posted awards must be viewed knowing that a significant entry fee was required, so most racers just got their entry back without any winnings at all. If TSRS can improve their purse and distribution of it among more racers, then I think the series will remain strong and grow.

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Guest The_Greek

i agree i can see the TSRS series getting bigger and better every year, the series seems to want to try and listen to what the fans are saying. there main competition is Romco, with the enormous costs it takes to run Romco, i could see more and more drivers joining TSRS if it is ran properly.

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Guest Mary Ann Naumann

Thanks you two, just want everyone to be reminded, WE DO NOT have a desire to compete with the ROMCO Super Late Models, team up would be more my desire! When ROMCO brings their Super LM, TSRS, TAMS or the TRUCKS together, now that is a show for the race fans to see! We each have so much to give the fans when we are running with the local cars, but as a trio, well if you seen it, then you know it. There are so many very good traveling series out there to keep each track with one every Saturday night! B)

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