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Question....Does Nascar use Nitrogen in Tires.


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Then the question is.....then...


If they are using Nitrogen in the tires......Nitrogen doesn't expand....what are they talking about with tire pressures coming up..


It doesn't make any sense....


I can see them talking about tire temps coming up......


But Tire Pressure???


On your Tams Car.....do you see Tire pressure's come up...even with the use of Nitrogen?


Thanks for your help by the way..

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Air always contains a certain amount of moisture. And race tires generate temperature higher than the boiling point of water. What happens when water boils? Steam is generated which causes a great deal of molecular movement (expansion). Nitrogen, or any other inert gas stored in waterproof containers (such as the containers in which Nitrogen is stored), contain less moisture than air, especially air from an air compressor.


There will always be a certain amount of moisture in any tire, even those which are filled over and over with Nitrogen in an attempt to displace all the air. Dryers are also used to remove moisture. Depending on their molecular structure, all gases expand to some degre or another when heated.


So, the normal expansion rate of a heated gas together with the moisture found inside the tire and the temperatures generated within the tire contribute to the expansion rate of any racing tire.


Hope this helps.


Nick Holt

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Got it....and figuring that "Air" can't be completely eliminated from the equation...unless filling the tires in a vacuum, which ain't happening...


The question came up....did Nascar use Nitrogen....every other series I know of, whether it be oval or roadcourse racing uses nitrogen....


just wanted to make sure....

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