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Lonestar Challenge

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Its that time of year again when the North and South meet in a friendly rivalry of the best mini sprint drivers the state of Texas has to offer.Drivers from EMSA,BMSA,Cowtown Gulfcoast,Amarillo and maybe even a few from Oklahoma.Will hit the dirt of Waco's Heart of Texas Speedway(June 25th) and Cowtown Speedway(Junes 26th) in Kennadale.For the non winged portion of the Lonestar Challenge.The drivers from the South travel to the North's Tracks to run their way non winged.Then in October(15th and 16th)the North drivers will head South with their wings to tame the dry slick tracks of the Houston Area.So make arrangement to come out and watch.Jeb Sessums,Caleb Martin,Hunter Jones,The Lucas Boys,The Estes's,James and Michael McNeal,Andy Hogan,Arron Barmore,Ralph Wren,Kyle Jones and Many others.Do battle on two of the fastest and best prepared quarter miles in Texas.This is a show you wont wanna miss.

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