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Old Racer sighting


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Anyone with any knowledge of racing around here will recognize these two characters.

Old friends Lucian Wallace and Jimmy Finger traded some stories Saturday night in San Antonio.



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We were at Vintage Air in Bracken for their annual open house and car show. Sorry about missing kyle, but this was already on the schedule.


Jimmy was showing a 33 coupe he has, just one of his retirement toys.


Lucian ran into several folks he knew, including Finger, J.E. Kristek, Drew Williams, Bill Lundy, and several others.


Lucian, Eddy, my Dad and Myself had spent the earlier part of the day at an open house at an aviation museum in Kingsbury, Texas, then made our way over to Bracken for the show that the Chisenhalls put on.


Lucian even picked up a race engine job; he will be going through the engine in a vintage sprinter belonging to lakeway resident Don Menard.


Jimmy ain't really much of a fighter, but I would put money on Lucian and that Irish temper about any day.


Next time I see ya, Nick, I'll tell you about Lucian whipping a driver's dad with one hand, while holding on to the driver with his other (still strapped in the truck). Said driver stuck Eddy in the fence at Dodge City, and Eddy spent the evening getting trreated for a concussion.



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