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ARC Connecting rods are not available!

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After talking with the guys at ARC Racing who make billot rods for small motors such as the Honda GX160, GX200 & the GX390....turns out they don't make any rods for our GX270 motors. They could make them if we wanted to buy a quantity of 30 to 40 rods. At a price of about $125.00 to $150.00 each. The cost would cover their machining setup and making of the Rods. But they would not even think of making them until we came up with orders for 30 of them. So at this point we will continue to use stock rods. But they did suggest opening up your motors every 5 or 6 races and checking clearances to see what kind of wear you would be having. They also said that their rods are just as susceptible to failure as a stock rod would be depending on wear and tear.



We will also continue to ONLY use the 13hp honda carburators that we are already have and are using. No tillotson carbs, period.


Also looking into Leatt neck brace costs and possibly making them mandatory.


Most all other rules will stay the same. No OPEN Motors. Also looking into getting the tools needed to tech inspect more thoroughly.


If any questions, feel free to call me.


Mike Steinman



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