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TSRS Allison Legacys will continue in 2010


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We’ve just confirmed that the oval racing division of the Texas Allison Legacys will continue to be a part of the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) operations in 2010 – remaining under the name of TSRS Allison Legacys.


We hope you’ll choose to join us at the THR/TSRS Drivers’ Meeting at the Thunderhill Raceway garage tomorrow (Saturday, December 12) at 2:00 p.m.


If you wish to fill out your TSRS Allison Legacys registration form before the meeting, a copy is shown below. Also below is the TSRS Allison Legacys Driver Information form. If you already have a Driver Information form on file, you can just update it at the meeting, if you prefer.


See y’all tomorrow!


Click on the following link to download and print the TSRS Allison Legacys forms:


2010 TSRS Allison Legacys Registration Form: TSRS2010ALRegistrationForm.pdf


2010 TSRS Allison Legacys Driver Information Form: THR2010ALDriverInformationForm.pdf

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