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by 77 thumper » Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:29 am


CC Speedway in Corpus is adding a class of 4 cyl cars called frontrunners.This is in addition to the already running 4 cyls called Texas Thunders.With the TT cars already the faster but more costly cars the FR cars are to be entry level machines open to anyone who wants to race one.Bone stock the cost level will be minimal but the fun level has no limit.Many new and young drivers wanted to start with 4 cyl cars but the cost and speed of TT cars was intimidateing.Entering the ranks of the FR cars will allow gaining seat time with inexpensive cars until the driver feels comfortable enough to move to a faster series if desired.


We racers at CC Speedway applaude the management for realizing the importance of 4 cyl racing and the nessity of bringing the modern car into the circle track world.


Kyle and Houston already have a class like this so a big race with all tracks included is definately a possibility.Car counts are the most important thing at any track especially with this economy.There is no cheaper way to race.

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