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Donations for Jeremy Hernandez

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As most of you know Jeremy Hernandez was in a serious 4-wheeler accident a week ago. He has been dismissed from the hospital but is scheduled for surgery in the next couple of days. He is expected to be layed-off of work for up to 3 months. I-37 Raceway would like to help him and his family with medical and living expenses as much as we can. Since this is a busy time of year finding an open date to hold a benefit is difficult so we have decided to set-up an account for him in which money can be deposited thru "Pay Pal".

If you wish you can send a check mail it to:


I-37 Raceway

10213 Oakland Road

San Antonio, TX 78240


made out to I-37 Raceway. These checks will then be deposited into the same account. We are working on the Pay Pal account and should have it established in the next couple of days and will post when it is active. We will have it on our website of i37raceway.com.

Jeremy has been part of the racing community for many years and has always been willing to help others. Jeremy was one of our race officials for the 2009 racing season and hope that he will be back for the 2010 season. He has been a racer at San Antonio Speedway, Thunderhill Raceway and I-37 Raceway.

I-37 Raceway is kicking this off with a donation of $300.00. We are sure that any amount, small or large will be appreciated. Lets help Jeremy and his family in their time of need.

If anyone has any questions, please give Jim a call at 210-478-0111.


Thank you

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