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#81 mini sprint stolen

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On the morning of November 14, 2009 in the parking lot of GingerBread Inn, 200 N I-38E, Waxahachie, Texas. My truck and trailer were stolen. The truck was recovered by 10:00am. All contents of the truck along with the trailer and contents are still missing. The trailer is a 14 foot open. My name (Troy Summers) is imprinted on the tongue. The 81 car is a 2005 wide body Saywer. It has a 2006 Suzuki engine, Don Guhl injection, Bazzaz electronics. All spare parts and tools are gone. If anyone sees cheap tools, parts, or car for sale let me know. Also, If anyone knows of a forum that this can be posted on please copy and post. All the help I can get will be appreciated.


Troy Summers


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