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from TPS Race Director & Chief Steward positions


Neil Upchurch, Texas Pro Sedans Series Race & Administrative Director announced at the TPS Awards Dinner that he is retiring from the position of TPS Race Director. He will continue the sole responsibility of office operations as TPS Administrative Director.


In making the announcement Upchurch said, “I have been a TPS driver, two time champion, car owner and the chief official in the Texas Pro Sedans for the past 34 years. The time has come for me to reduce the physically tiring pace of officiating TPS auto races. I will continue to work for from my home office as the TPS Administrative Director. I also intend to continue PA announcing high school football games at Heroes Stadium and playoff games at the Alamodome in San Antonio as I have done for the past ten years.”


Jack Foy also submitted his retirement notice from the position of Chief Steward and Inspector for TPS races effective with the upcoming 2010 season. Foy has served as the chief technical official at all 2008 and 2009 Texas Pro Sedans Series races. He stated that he has been hired into a new job which will require him to work on Saturday race nights, eliminating his availability to work for TPS next season.


Foy was a crewman on two different TPS race teams in past seasons. He was on Bill LaBarge’s #27 crew during 1987- 2005 in which he helped LaBarge with his various TPS cars, TIDA late model and SAS late model cars. He crewed for Lloyd Hart during the 2006 TPS season. With his varied experience, Foy is very knowledgeable about TPS cars and rules philosophies.


With the departure of Jack Foy, the Texas Pro Sedans are currently accepting job applications from qualified persons for the position of TPS Race Director and Chief Inspector .


The Texas Pro Sedans 4-cylinder stock cars will initiate their 35th consecutive year of racing on April 10, 2010 at CC Speedway and elsewhere pending successful contract negotiations with host tracks.


The Texas Pro Sedans are the oldest asphalt touring series in Texas.

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