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Biscut Bars & torque Links In TSRS & LM


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I have wondered why THR & TSRS do not let

theLate Models run A torque link or aBiscut bar on the 3rd link of the Rear end.

This would even out the feild , and help guys get a better handle on their cars quicker & cheaper.

This would help save drivers tire money in the long run.

I have ran on before on a late model & it really made a difference.

They do not cost much to buy.

I was wondering if any one has any ideas why they do not let Late Models run them?


Thanks for your feed back.

Victory Lane

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I have run various torque absorption devices in conjunction with the upper link over the years. The only time they are truly effective are when used with very high-output engines or on dirt. There is no real substitute for setting the car up using proven suspension engineering techniques. If a team finds that running a torque absorption device helps their handling, it is just covering up a more basic problem in the rear suspension. Most frequently such problems are associated with the rear spring rates, anti-squat settings and roll steer issues.


I will bring this matter up with Jack Sanderfur, but at this point it just seems like an added expense that may not really be needed.


Nick Holt

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Nick you may have hit the nail on the head.

If a team is learning as they go, as so many are they may not know where to set everything up in the Rear suspension.

A torque link will help them be able to race until the figure out what everyone else already knows.

I wish I knew everything about setting up a late model when we bought our first late model.

It took 2 years to figure out everything.

I think if you gave the top 3 fastest cars a torque link to run they would be

1-2 tenths faster.

The slower guys would be much faster than they were just because they do not know how to set up the chassis to get forward bite.

Just my 2 cents.

Bryan lane

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I wish I knew even half of everything when it comes to setting up a car. So many theories, so little time. We have expeimented with torque absorbtion devices and also with the Lefthander style rs trailing arm link with limited success. I have to go with Nick on this one, there is no substitute for a well balanced car. Everything else is just a crutch. jp

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