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Could you put a link to the ticket order form on the SOS website? I need to pull down a paper copy to order tickets also..




Let me get with Laurie and see about getting that for you guys. She has been dealing with that as well as everything else, as we all know it's been somewhat hectic.

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I will be putting the registration for online this evening for all to download.



Place: Raisin L Ranch

1043 Kobitz Road, Raisin Texas 77905

www.raisinlranch.org for directions


Time: December 12th / 4pm til midnight



There will be dinner, dancing, Dj & Karaoke, Raffle & award Ceremony.



Presale $25

Door $30



For more info contact Laurie Scribellito



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I almost forgot. Do I need to come pick or my " most bad ass rookie dirt driver in history " trophy or do you want to just UPS it to me. :)


We might have to come to this deal. Might be fun.




I would vote for that..lol You did great for an asphalt guy... Mean while I want the broken axle award, this year so far I have hit(pun intended) a personal best of 6 axles...lol

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HEHEHE.. Whatcha trying not to say G????


I would vote for you Victor. I only bent 1.



I wanted to try and get to the 3rd spot but then missed several weekends for the national race and then the THR race. Not to mention other issues.




Chicken..............LOL :lol:;)

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Does anyone know the details of the banquet?

We saw the flyer but cannot recall details




Hello Everyone,

Couple things, regarding the banquet, I need to get most of the RVSP Banquet forms turned in by the last race of November 28, please. I need a good head count for the catering & banquet hall. You can either mail in the form (you can find it on our website) to the track or pay at the November 28th race. Thank you!

Also, I am looking for some fun door prizes for the banquet! If your company would like to donate a door prize or if you know of companies that like to donate for banquet prizes let me know. You can either email me at laurie@shadyoakspeedway.com or reply to this & I'll call you!

Thanks again everyone! It should be a fun party, hope to see many of you there!

Take care,

Laurie Scribellito

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