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Live Updates from Shady Oaks Speedway, 10-31-09


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I finally got a kitchen pass, so I'll be heading to Goliad this afternoon to bring you Live Updates from Shady Oaks.


This one should be huge - lots of folks coming from all over to be part of this benefit event for injured track owner Jim Scribellito.


Jay Hallas should be there to do his write ups and I look forward to his reports. I know you do too. They are always so much more detailed than the Live Updates and gets interviews with the drivers as well.


The Live Updates are found on the front page of Lone Star Speedzone and not in the forums. To get to the front page, click here then on the left side of the front page click on "Live Updates from Shady Oaks Speedway, 10-31-09" and you'll be there!


Or just click here.



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It's absolutely beautiful at Shady Oaks today.. Long line of cars at the pit gate and at 3:45 there were already 90 cars Stands already have fans claiming their favorite spots in the grandstands. Water truck getting a workout. The excitement is in the air.. Just saw two of Seals cars making their way down the pits.


I will be firing up the Live Update software in 45 minutes or so, but first I want to go get a BBQ plate and chat with a few of the drivers before I do... so hang on, I'll be back in a bit.



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well, i did get to make it to goliad after all last night. got there as they were wrapping up packing the track....


i'm not sure what the car count was, but it was well over 100!!!

the weather was wonderful (until about 11p and it got COLD! lol) and there was no wind.

i don't remember exactly how many cars were there in each class, but i do know they said there were 32 of my beloved limiteds!!! and what a race for this class!!! these guys are NEVER disappointing!!!

there were a bunch of the big mods, and more late-models than i really expected to make it...what a great surprise!!

if you didn't make it last night, you really did miss a great show!


i also had the honor of meeting our own mr. nick holt, and visited with a bit with him. it was a pleasure meeting you nick, and thanks for letting the kiddo and i hang with ya for a bit!


rebel..you were out doing what you do ( :D ) when we were in the tower, but it was great to see you briefly again when you got back up there...


and...personally i wanna say a huge THANK YOU to everone who brought a car/truck/cart last night!!! it really was a lot of fun, action-packed and not a moment boring!! y'all are awesome and aside from it being a benefit for jim, it was wonderful to have so many of y'all show up!!

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