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Ala. Street Stock Championship awarded after an appeal

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I read in a press release I got today that Billy Ammons was awarded the South Alabama Speedway Street Stock Championship after winning appeal of a call during the last race of the season a week earlier.


Quoting from the press release from Ammons Racing, "...The championship came down to the final lap, and contact between the championship contenders sent both of them spinning through turn one. Initially, South Alabama Speedway officials penalized Ammons for intentionally causing the contact and the resulting caution, moving him to the tail-end of the lead lap. The penalty handed Ammons a fifth place finish. Charles Cotton was then given his third-place position back, giving him enough points to win the championship."


"Ammons appealed the decision to SAS officials, who have utilized video replay capabilities for 2009. Race Director Kevin Chance reviewed the video extensively over the course of one week, and decided to reverse the original ruling, in favor of Ammons' appeal. Chance stated that there was no evidence to suggest that Ammons intentionally caused the incident. Although both drivers would still finish on the tail-end of the lead lap due to their spins, this meant Cotton would not get his pre-wreck position back, and he would finish fourth - not earning enough points to overtake Ammons for the championship."


The release went on to say that the track decided to give Cotton a "consolation championship of sorts."


I can see both sides of this one but wonder how everyone else might view this decision.



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Just got this in from the folks who issued the original press release.


The original issued press release, titled "Billy Ammons Takes South Alabama Championship after Winning Appeal"was incorrect. There is no appeal process at South Alabama Speedway, as explained to Ammons Racing by an SAS official. South Alabama Speedway, being dedicated to making the right decision, decided to review the call made during the race. Please use this revised article for reference copy or republishing, rather than the original copy. Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience.



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