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congrats to mike steinmen

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Thanks Guys!! I have to admit...that is the roughest and bumpiiest track that I have EVER raced on in my life!!! Coming off of turn 4 was fun, crazy, hairball, and eyes-popping out of socket wild!!! I was working the wheel big time to keep it straight! But, I stunk up the show as they say cuz I should've kept everyone closer together by easing up a bit to have some fun passing and fighting for position more. After the heat race....I was thinking wow!!! cuz Lyndon kirk in the #5 came flying around me on the outside....but I soon realized that was the faster line...and took note. In the main, I knew where I needed to be and made sure to stay there....but was wondering after 10 laps in why no one was trying to make a pass on me....I kept thinking Lyndon and Chris Terry in the #24 were coming and thought I heard them around me. When the competition yellow came out.....I was already tired from running as hard as I could...and was relaxing as much as I could knowing we were lined up for the last 20 laps...and that they would be coming at me hard. I got out in front again....and thought they were around...looked back as best I could to see they were not around me...and started lifting going into the corners...thinking this would allow them to catch up.....but my lap times got faster! My best time was a 15.93 around the 1/4 mile track. Lyndon turn a 15.76 I think. This was off of our Microns after the race. I know that today...I am sore as hell all over, in a good way! that race was a work out from hell!!!! lol My screens at work today look like they are bouncing up and down...so must be residual effect!!! A big Thanks to Dan & Candy Monroe for inviting us down to race....had fun and look forward to racing there again...hope we still put on a good show!

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