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i have a question on the body rules

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5. BODY: All bodies must be unaltered OEM in OEM location and match frame. Front

body mounts must be visible. Sunroofs and T-tops must be enclosed. Aftermarket plastic

nosepieces allowed, recommended to match body. No spoilers, hood scoops, ground

effects or skirting altering OEM appearance. Unaltered OEM steel hood and trunk only,

no gutting. Hood and trunk must be securely fastened and back of hood must be sealed

off from driver compartment with metal. Hood must be separate from fenders. Front

inner wheel wells may be removed; rear wheel wells may be removed to middle seam.

Trunk floor directly over rear end housing must be removed. No overlapping or

shortening of body panels. All glass except front windshield must be removed, all

windows in body must remain open; maximum seven-inch sun visor allowed across top

of windshield opening. All doors must be securely fastened. Fenders and quarter panels

may be trimmed for tire clearance, ONLY. No reflective body panels.


Dont hold me to this you might call someone affiliated with the track and ask for better assurance!!!

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