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Thanks to everyone at CC Speedway


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Had a good time at CC Speedway last night. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.


And was nice chatting with Carol Yocum for quite a while before the racing got started. She's quite a lady!


And Don Yocum dropped by during the Live Updates so I didn't get to talk very long with him, but I did notice a bit more "salt" in the mustache than the last time I talked with him... LOL


That track just plain lends itself to close competition. What a blast watching Bruce Beddoe and John Henry Witzche getting after it for all those laps. Clean, hard racing at its best.



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thanks nick for coming and doing what you do.man im just glad i was able to race last practice somebody talked into going out before the race so i did aand the rearend locked up.so i really lucked out in a way.then before our feature they talked me into trying the gears and the the clutch was slipping rex shimed right before we when out.we had to change gears,and a transmission.rex put the gears togeather in about 30 minutes.so you see we were just lucky to be able to race.we learned that from those stapp bunch in kyle. thanks to everyone who helped us get on the track for the feature.thanks to dan and kandy for having the race and leting me have that last little test. i really tryed to hold off bruce but that is a fast car with a bad a$$ driver.thanks to my brother and jimmy.rex thank you very, very much my wife and family like those nascarts they said they looked fast


john henry

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