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Sat. morning at TMS


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Hey gang...

Everything is getting ready to get cranked up for today's activities, mainly, the O'Reilly's 300 Busch race and 2 Cup practices today (9:30 a.m. and 11:10 a.m., both 45 minutes long)...


The weather is a little cool (55ish) and overcast, but it's still warm and there doesn't seem to a threat of rain anywhere..we "should be good" for the rest of the weekend...


On a personal note, thanks to ALL of you who have made arrangements for Shawn Paul Lehman's benefit..I will unfortunately be out of town that night, but when I get back in town from TMS on Sunday night I'll make arrangements to do some behind-the-scenes work for the benefit dance..


The gang at the Enzyte team trailer is getting ready for today's race..I hope everyone's thinking "positive" for David, I truly believe one of the reasons David made the field for the race was because of the positive energy being sent to him from everyone on TSZ and David Starr.com... :D

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Yep Chuck,


They have changed the forecast here too.


A stray shower today----30 percent tonight------ scattered tomorrow, but a 40 perchance.


Hopefully they will all stay away from TMS and be down here.


If it has to rain at all.


We got hammered last night.

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The weather the whole weekend up there was awesome! Sunny and breazy. Just right not to hot or to cold. But the traffic on Sunday sucked! Was in line for 3 hours, dang cops dont know how to direct traffic! LOL

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