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This will teach them flyin machines


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From Jayski -



Fan can't hear race, shoots at plane, gets 6 months: A NASCAR fan armed with a deer rifle and emboldened by a high blood- alcohol level has been sent to prison for six months after firing on a North Carolina crop duster last year. The man opened fire on D. Wayne Slaughter, who owns Wa-Lu Aviation in Farmville, North Carolina. Medication may have enhanced the effects of the alcohol, the shooter's attorney told the court. The shooter couldn't hear the televised race while Slaughter was legally dusting pine trees nearby, so he successfully drove the airplane off after a 12-shot volley. Three of the shots hit the aircraft, one piercing the wing a foot from the Air Tractor's fuel tank and another causing the battery to explode. The pilot was not hit but suffered mental anguish. Slaughter, past president of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, said he hopes publicity about his case will encourage other ag pilots to report similar incidents.(Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Email Newsletter)(4-2-2004)




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