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Live updates from Houston Motorsports Park, 9/19/09


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We have a very good response from the many who have been part of the Live Updates we have been doing from various tracks over the past couple of months.


Here's your chance to keep up with the racing action as it happens at Houston Motorsports Park this Saturday, Sept. 19, and even ask questions or make comments as we go along over the course of the evening's racing program.


To check out the Live Updates all you have to do is click here and then click on the "Live Updates from Houston Motorsports Park, 9/-19-09."


Or you can go to the front page of Lone Star Speedzone (click here) and click on "Live Updates from Houston Motorsports Park, 9/-19-09."


I should be firing up the software around 5:00 p.m. I hope you join us!



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Another great evening with Nick and the "Girls" (Kathy, Cheryl, and Sherry). Some really good racing last night. We had a special member join us last night...Colt. We had a lot of fun and Nick didnt have to get on to us once. We had cake baked by Kathy and Cheryl brought the Peach Moon Shine. txtom gave us a Live Update on his painting and floor covering project at his home. The "Girls" keep us all informed on the College ball game at the same time. (They take that stuff serious). Debbie didnt get to join us because she was at the races pulling for Brandon. ( Hope she didnt throw any beer cans on the track). If you cant go to the races this is the place to be. Its a lot of fun. Thanks again Nick for doing this for us. Take some time and go read what was happening last night. You will see that we have lots of fun and we want you to join us for the next "Live Update".

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