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Thunder Stock Purse for 8/29


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Well.. frist off, thank you to daymassagetherapy.com


As announced in the drivers meeting Sponsorship was going to allow THR to pay $30 to start the feature instead of the normal $10.

Well the nice thing is that number has been increased


Added to the purse paying positions: $135

Hard Luck Award: $25 to the #66 Leonard Flores

Sportsmanship Award: $25 to the #49 for giving up his car for the #14


When the dust settled.. it paid $50 to start the Thunderstock feature..


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It's great to see this kind of help from sponsors. Thanks, Patty and daymassagetheraphy.com!


I've also just gotten word that another sponsor has stepped up to the plate for the Thunder Stocks on Sept. 12 - more to come later!

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