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Well, at least we made it back to Dallas safely. I was reminded by how our day went why it is not a good idea to test under race conditions. We had scheduled to be in Austin to shake the car down and deal with the bugs etc. but we were rained out twice. Right off the bat, the rear suspension bracket that combines the lower link, spring seat and shock mount failed and we had about a foot of extra right side wheelbase entering 1. We found a 110 welder and half assed repaired it. Session 2 was ok but Marc said too loose entering and front braking power need to be better. Bleed the brakes and did the usual "tighten up" stuff("Hi, everybody...we're Archie Bell and the Drells from Houston Texas..."). I thought the brakes/rotors, all new of course, hadn't bedded in yet. Session 3 was better but still had the loose entry deal. The front brakes just didn't have the psi of the rears and that bias adjuster's range of compensation wasn't enough to balance the problem. Started the feature at the back and mercifully had the previously repaired mount fail again on lap 2 and retired.


As my dad would say, said all that to say this, Sorry we were in the way all day but we will put the car back in the race shop and deal with the bugs. I need to get the front brake psi higher or the rear lower. I have never had a pavement car that had all four calipers the same size(all metric gm) so I guess that I'll put a smaller bore mc on the fronts or add a dial or lever in the rear brake line. Heck I may do both.


I don't want you fellows to be scared of Marc based on our first try. I had him in a situation that no one could handle. Imagine being in a fast car coming up on a corner and the rear wheels brake harder than the fronts.


See everyone in Austin on 4/24.



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Maiden Voyage,

Fixing all the bugs you might have been able to detect on a test. Don't be so hard on yourselves. I know you guys will continue to work on the car until you get it right. We are glad to have you and your crew in the series. Car looks great, and blasted down the straights.


Good luck at the next race in Kyle!



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"Felt like a fish out of water"

Thanks to everyone we met at Houston, everyone was great. New car blues was tough, you can race all your life and win races then change classes and you become a rookie and start over again.

Hope to improve on the next go. Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone, I am my hardest critic on my self. Hope we didn't get in anyones way in our first learning curve.



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Jay and Marc--

Ya'll were able to put it back in the trailer in one piece, ya did all right.

Nice to meet the both of you, and we'll see you at the next one.


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