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Our scoring decoder has been picking up quite a few weak transponders, and we want to make sure all of our drivers are familiar with the charging guidelines for the rechargeable transponders.


Attached is a copy of the TranX160 transponder manual. It gives details on the proper charging procedures (Pages 11-13). Here are a couple of the highlights:


o After about 16 hours a steady green LED indicates that the transponder is fully charged.


o Do not leave the transponder in a powered charging cradle or charging rack more than 24 hours.


Also, from what we understand, charging your transponder too early will cause it to weaken by race day. In other words, a transponder that is fully charged early in the week will lose signal strength by Saturday (race day). Using the guidelines above, you should start charging your transponders on Friday morning, but you need to make sure you remove it from the charger within 24 hours.


We hope these guidelines help you make sure your transponder is fully charged on race day so we can accurately report your race results. If you have any questions on scoring or the electronic scoring system, please contact Kathy Tiemann, THR/TSRS Director of Scoring, at ktiemann@austin.rr.com.




Kathy Tiemann and Debbie Williams


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