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Friday practice at THR`


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About 30 cars (Kathy had 29 when I left), including 17 ROMCO cars, came out for practice Friday. "Fast Eddy," Greg D. and Brandon were a few of the ROMCOs, Jeff Bedell was there with an ASA car; there were two TPS cars including Bill LaBarge's even faster BMW; a handful of Street Stocks (Todd Weeks, Brian Walzel, Brent Mycue).

Most of these weren't there on Thursday, so there have been maybe 40+ cars out for practice so far.

Most of the drivers I talked to were more than just happy with the track changes, and were looking for new racing lines out of turn two. A few got bit by turn three, and a few overcooked it in two.

Greg Davidson liked it, and, like everyone else, is waiting to get more rubber down on it. Bill LaBarge, Fast Eddy Wallace and Brian Walzel said it was a lot better, as did Todd Weeks.

How about some more feedback? Remember, extended practice tomorrow, starting at noon.

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