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Racers on the mend


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A couple San Antonio racers are on the mend right now.


Leroy Farmer is home after having an appendectomy; probably got discharged before the Nurses threw him out the window.


And Bill Jones, who we have talked about on the history forum, was inflating a two piece Cushman Scooter wheel when it blew apart and one of the wheel halves hit him in the face.

He will have surgery tomorrow to put all of his nose parts back where they belong, and he already has some 64 stitches from his eye around to under his nose and back to his cheek.

Add to that his wife is in rehab from a fall a few months ago, and the Jones hav a lot on their plate. He also just turned 86 years old. He is at Methodist in the NW Medical Complex.


Keep them both in your thoughts.

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